Message For Universal Peace

The sole objective of Sri Viswasanthi Jyothirmaya Trust is to establish universal brotherhood by achieving tolerance of all religions which is the need of the hour. It is the ambition of our founder master Sri Sri Sri Viswasanthi Jyothirmaya Prabhuto light the flame of peace in the hearts of the entire mankind and to invite all the intellectuals who advocate world peace to join this mighty cause.

To signify the tolerance among all religions of world, the emblem of Sri Viswasanthi Jyotirmaya Trust depicts unity of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Zorastrianism, Confucianism and Buddhism.

Otherwise, His Holiness warns “my country and your country gets reduced to ashes in burial ground; my God and your God gets evaporated into the sky, the whole mankind will be living deep beneath the earth under the kingship of sorrow and death, the separated soul will be flittering with penetrating pain. This is essence of Krithayuga Dharma given to the mankind by His Holiness Sri Viswasanthi Jyotirmaya Prabhuji.

The Holy Master wonders as to how peace will be achieved when the Super Powers and other countries are spending billions of dollars in their thirst to acquire nuclear weapons thereby grabbing control on others and why not that money could be spent for uplifting the poor, development of villages, towns etc., and to establish peace missions at all levels and to lit candles of knowledge thereby rekindling the ignorant hearts.

To achieve individual enlightenment and establish world peace, the Holy Master recommends the theory of protection of poor dumb animals by stopping animal slaughtering. The Divine Master warns the whole world to stop this indiscriminate killing, lest the world reduces into ashes. His Holiness says that the human birth is gifted by the Almighty to spread love and compassion to the needy and distressed persons and all beings created by him. Where as the human beings, though blessed with the power to discriminate, mercilessly killing the voiceless animals and squeezing their blood and eating their flesh. While being killed by hunting sickles and sharp edged weapons, being unable to express their pain and anguish, the poor animals curse the entire mankind to meet the same tragic ends. His Holiness says this is the main reason for today’s sorrow, distress and restlessness, racial massacres and cold-blooded murders among the world population. Food with flesh and blood causes Razo and Tamo Gunas which further foments emotions, anger, hasty behavior mixed with cruelty and crookedness.

Though blessed with discretionary powers, because of consumption of food containing Razo and Tamo Gunas, they become victims of jealousy, hatred, enmity, selfishness, illusion, ego, cruelty, etc. Our surrender to the food of blood and flesh made us insensitive to the human niceties and making the universe explode in violence and disharmony.

Why this state of ignorance and agony? Why the human race is illogical and inhuman? The root cause, His Holiness says, is the unfolding of unlimited scientific and technological research and inventions which encourage human beings to think they are supreme, second to none and become victims of all vices, thereby inheriting sorrow and misery which they sincerely pass on to their younger generations.

Result is their own creation of restlessness. To overcome this, His Holiness exhorts all intellectuals and rulers to unitedly ban “Animal slaughtering”. They should also uphold “AHIMSA PARAMOTHAMA DHARMA”. Then only the creation sustains.

The Holy Master also advocates four important principles to be followed by each and everybody to make one’s own life meaningful:-

1 Karthavya (Duty): For livelihood, one must do certain duties i.e., one must work hard (duty towards self).
2 Responsibility: Duty towards family and parents
3 Dharma: Moral duty towards Society and one’s own Nation.
4 Vidhi (Destiny): Duty for self-introspection i.e., Who am I? Where from I have come? and Where shall I go (after my death) and what is my ultimate goal (destination)?

Another predominant feature of this unique Dharma is “worshipping the Light (Jyothi- Aaradhana)” by which His Holiness assures Liberation. Holy Master further assures that Eternal Bliss can be achieved only by envisaging truth in Saakara-Niraakara Divya Jyothi (Divine Light). Holy Master preaches that “Divine Light” is the essence of all Vedas and the entire universe merges finally in “Divine Light”. That is the reason why Holy Master prescribes “Worshipping” of Divine Light” to reach eternal goal.

It is also the main mission of our Holy Master (HM) to bring back to the light and spread the DIVINE KNOWLEDGE which existed at the time of Krithayuga (during the first phase of creation) with which our ancestors lived in total peace and harmony.


The DIVINE KNOWLEDGE which is known as “Krithayuga Dharma” or “Satya Yuga Dharma” brought back to the world by His Holiness, envisages that entire human race is one irrespective of their Nationality, Religions, Caste, Creed and Race. This was the true Dravidian culture which was built on two wings i.e., Sathya & Dharma. It calls for Universal Brotherhood. The word ‘Dravid’ means unity and integrity. The earlier Dravidian rulers sacrificed their lives for the sake of establishing Sathya & Dharma. The said Dharma cautions all the human beings of this universe to shed hatred, envy, violence, cruelty, longing for power, selfish aspirations and advises us to live in harmony without affecting the Environmental Sanctity. It also calls for tolerance among religions, which are fighting for dominance of one on the other. The entire nature is seated on volcanic catastrophe. Unless the curtain of ignorance is removed, the cream of love and universal brotherhood does not emerge.
Let us examine here how the Dravidian culture upheld the Krithayuga Dharma which embarked on Universal Brotherhood.
During the Dravidian era, the whole country of United Bharat was divided into eighteen States. Though the universal community differed in their language and food habits, their main culture i.e., integration of the human race, sharing of food on a common platform, vegetarian food habits, periodical sat-sanghs remained one and the same.

His holiness reveals that they (the human race) had a very good system of village and urban administration with specified trades depending on their knowledge and interests.

They believed in truth, dharma, unity and non-violence and universal brotherhood. They had a family system where younger generations worked in different trades while aged people provided guidance and advice in their family matters. Women were involved in indoor arts like paintings, interior decoration and house-keeping. Hard work & humble-pie were the principles they knew.

They also engaged themselves in social activities like environment protection, mass-tree plantation, conservation and maintenance of water resources, protection of forests, participation in social functions etc. They also had a separate institutional system to take care of aged people, destitute and physically challenged persons. They did not have police stations and judicial institutions, which indicate the absence of crimes and thefts, racial and cast differences, sacrifice of animals etc., Houses did not have doors as people believed in working hard and earning humble-pie. They had only the moral and ethical code of conduct propagated by Paramjyothi Prachotana Parabramha, to lead, guide and enlighten them. They had an education system which not only provided education but also employment to those who complete 10-years of rigorous theoretical learning and 7-years extensive touring of country thereby understanding the standards of people’s living and study of social, economical, cultural, technical, historical, medical, religion, truth (Sathya), righteousness (Dharma), Non-violence and other aspects/trends prevalent in the country. After doing specialization (post-graduation) in any one of the above said aspects, they were provided employment in the government administration (in the office of the emperor) depending on their merits and new observations/findings. They also had an excellent technical know-how with which they built sophisticated air-crafts, ships and developed trade with foreign countries.

Above all they worshipped DIVYA JYOTHI (Supreme Light), lead a spiritual life and had great reverence to parents and elders. Thus the Dravidian culture offered a life which is filled with righteousness, truthfulness, non-violence and installed peace. It also provided a balanced life giving due importance to both worldly and spiritual educations.

The said Krithayuga Dharma also envisages that all the human beings living on this earth must practice Non-violence (Ahimsa), “Ahimsa is Paramothama Dharma”. This is the first step to achieve World Peace and Liberation. And it is the stepping stone to immortality. If the world is to sustain peace, we must get rid of mass-killings, extremism, lust of power and destruction of Nature.


The Divyavatar spent most of his life (nearly 40 years) in deep meditation beyond Turiyavastha (Ananthavastha) during which Holy Master perceived certain Divine Vibrations (Revelations) which were grasped, scribed and given to the mankind in the form of “DIVYAGRANDHA” (The Book of Divine Universal Peace). One of such revelations is “GUNARAAGA” (a divine sound - Divya Swara) which is grasped and absorbed through the divine vibrations and later on published in “DIVYAGRANDHA” to help mankind to realize “Aatma-jyothi” (Light of Soul).

The prayer in this system of worship is called “DIVYA AIKYAARADHANA” which is divided into seven parts viz., Divya Aikyaraadhana, Gnana Tarangam, Paschathapa Prarthana (Penitent Prayer), Daiva Stuthi, Guna Raagam, Antarvaani and Hrudaya Ganam-Harathi. By worshipping Jyothi and reciting “GUNA RAAGA” (Divya Swara) twice a day, His Holiness assures “MOKSHA” (solace) to mankind as the “GUNA RAGA” is self emerged divine sound (Swayamkrutha Swaranadam) with “UMKAR” (instead of “OMKAR”) as the original base (the deep rooted power). This divine sound comprises of 1700 languages and some Beeja-aksharas. By the regular recitation of GUNA RAAGA, the Holy Master says, (Mind) ‘Manas’ gradually disappears and gets merged in the Divine Light.

Another distinctive feature of this system is “PAAPA SWEEKARANA” (absorbing of samskaras) which is unique to this system and not available in any other system. His Holiness advocates “Maathru Puja” is essential to mankind as “MOTHER” is the first Guru and “Mother & Father” are living Gods on earth. The Holy Master questions the mankind “If you do not respect the living gods (Parents, especially mother), how can you worship the God who is not visible to the naked eye? His Holiness says “even if you construct big temples and consecrate various idols with much publicity, it is not going to liberate you unless and until you show reverence to your parents and respect them as living Gods. It is essential to get Parents Blessings followed by Master’s blessings for any human being.


In the subsequent part of DIVYA GRANDHA, which is called “KIRANAMAALA”, His Holiness explains in detail the evolution of creation in seven phases i.e., (Saptha Bhumikala Parinamam) viz., 1) Trees 2) Insects 3) Flies 4) Fishes 5) Birds 6) Animals 7) Human Beings. These seven phases of evolution came into existence in four stages i.e., :

1) Udbijams: Those which come into existence out of seeds, trees, plants etc.,
2) Swedajams: Those which come into existence out of moisture i.e., Bacteria.
3) Andajamulu (Oviparous): Those which come into existence out of eggs; and
4) Jarayujamulu (Viviparous – Mammalians): Those which come into existence out of womb i.e., Human Beings.

Out of all creatures, human-form is considered to be full-fledged evolution which is complete in all respects.

Another important feature of this system is “Samskarana” (Reformation) in place of “Samharana” (punishing the guilty) that means rehabilitating those who commit sins and live themselves in Agnana (Ignorant life).

The status of departed souls, the sorrow and pain experienced by the persons who are cruel, who practice violence, who behave with egoistic nature, who spoil nature, who nurture hatred and who hate love, when they die and transform in to body-less souls and the stages of death and the status of human beings when they encounter death (Mrithyu) is dealt in detail by His Holiness which is heart-rendering and is capable of transforming even the most cruel person on the earth.

Let us observe some of the revelations explained by the Holy Master in his Divine Divya Grandha which is the essence and cream of all Vedas, Upanishads and all religious fundamentals which make people to think and understand the Nature in its own way:

1) Childhood elapsed in playing, Youth in cherished desires, Kaumara (Middle age or the family life) in sexual desires and family burdens and Old age is bound to end with death. It makes the people to think twice as to what they have achieved.
2) “Bhakti” means treating all human beings alike with love. “Dhyana” means self-introspection or searching within.
3) “Mukthi” means dwelling in the light or realising the light when one is alive.
4) Puja – Namaj – Prayer all lead to one GOD (Supreme Light) as GOD is one irrespective of all religions and beliefs. The only difference is in names and languages. But, the wise person is he, who worships “Jyothi” (Supreme Light) become one with the Supreme Light and wins over death (Mrithyu).
5) As the Bird needs two wings to fly in the air and to walk on the ground, spiritual & Physical knowledge is essential to reach eternal goal. Lack of either one makes their lives miserable, as one (lame) wing of a bird makes its life highly miserable and it meets death finally. Whereas the people experience the vicious circle of life & death again and again and thus they dwell in hell permanently.
6) Human brains get spoiled due to consumption of meat, liquors and sedatives (Narcotics etc.,) as they develop the ‘Rajo’ and ‘Tamo’ Gunas.
7) The Holy Master warns the world that the curtains of ignorance are descending on human lives.

Pages 590 to 593 of DIVYA GRANDHA deal in detail about the future visualizations and also give some tips to the end of Kaliyuga as the world stands on anvil of destruction. Let us examine below some of the visualizations:

1) Righteousness (Dharma) gets deteriorated whereas Adharma (Immorality) rules the Roost.
2) Curtains of ignorance are descending on human mind
3) Knowledge (Vivekamu) being diminished while foolishness (Avivekamu) spreading at a faster pace.
4) Selfish and cunning rulers tend to cultivate the feelings of hatred (Vairamu).
5) Bonds of friends and relatives are broken. Blood relatives fight with each other and perish.
6) Highly egoistic and terrorist theories create internal turmoils.
7) Human mind gets spoiled due to consumption of liquors and eating flesh and blood.
8) Scientific Research crosses its limits and lays foundation for the destruction of the nature
9) Mankind meets fateful consequences having been encouraged by the lust for the race and religion
10) The time is up. It is waiting for the last second. The “radiation” (lightening) effect of the yet to be born “Biola” is going to illuminate the entire galaxy
11) The said “radiation” (Light) which unites Earth and Sky, is going to be witnessed by the entire mankind at a time. The so-called intellectuals prove themselves to be stupid
12) O Mankind – A lady occupies the prestigious chair of a Group of World Countries (UNO).
A group of 17 spinsters is going to rule the country. Seven stars fall from sky at a time. A dreadful war takes place before the said incident.
13) Garudas (War-planes) shower Iron Eggs (Missiles) from the sky.
14) Earth vibrates heavily due to the fall of said Iron Eggs.
15) The towering flames reach galaxy.
16) Ocean overflows due to volcanic eruptions.
17) The valleys get filled due to fall of slipped mountain-rocks
18) Earthquakes take place. Mega cities get merged in the earth
19) 5/7th of population gets destroyed
20) Sun’s (Planet) radiation increases (Global Warming occurs).
21) Fire engulfs Mother Earth.
22) Water resources on the Earth get evaporated
23) Green plantations get destroyed.
24) 5/7th of the beings get destroyed.
25) The human race shouts in agony thinking the Christ’s saying that “the world gets ruined due to fire-shower” has fructified.
26) Sun-radiation increases and falls on the earth, which is reflected in turn, on Moon and Moon light increases. As a result Oceans get over-flowed. The entire world changes in to a single object.
27) Tsunamis cause convolutions in deep seas.
28) The towering infernos of the oceans will be touching the sky.
29) Violent cyclic-floods recur. Earth vibrates and changes its shape.
30) Water overpowers Earth. The sunlight and Moon light will disappear
31) The Earth-Dwellers will be cackling in fear that this is the (Deluge) “Jala-Pralaya” (Hurricanes/Tsunami) as disclosed by the ancient sages.
32) Every one-in-hundred gets aloof.
33) The ruling of sinners will come to an end.
34) Race-Religion discrimination disappears.
35) The places of rich people get demolished.
36) The rivers change their routes.
37) Life-less bodies float on the violent waters.
38) The human-race weep in agony fearing that the (Air / Wind Destruction) “Vayu-Pralaya” as visualized by the followers of Lord Buddha has come true.
39) The man kind prays the Creator with folded hands saying that “O Lord, Earth is vibrating and getting cracked, there is no ground to stand – Are you showing us the Khayamat (Doomsday)” as was preached by Prophet Rasool, and


“Earth gets merged in Water (Ocean), Water in Agni (Fire), Fire in Air, Air in Umkar (Sound), Sound in Tejas (Light), Light in Sakthi (Power), Power in Gnana. (knowledge), Knowledge in Maha Chaitanya and Maha Chaitanya in Advaitha and thereafter everything disappears.

As is evident from the above, KRUTHA YUGA SANATHANA SATHYA DHARMA granted by HIS HOLINESS SRI VISWASANTHI JYOTHIRMAYA PRABHUJI provides us an entirely unique way of worshiping the SUPREME LIGHT.

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